Trick or Treat, or I should say Beans instead of Meat!

Nowadays a lot of people are driven to this idea that becoming vegan will make a better lifestyle, in the sense of health and ecology. I have heard that becoming vegan will benefit you in a way that you can have better health. Also, by not consuming meat, the ecosystem will be at less risk of extinction. But the truth is that there are a lot of hypotheses about this topic.

People that are against of the vegan trend think that our body needs all the supplements. Meaning that if we stop consuming meat, our body will have some kind of supplement deficit. In my case, I can’t imagine giving up meat. It is very hard for someone like me to change my eating habits after I became an adult.


Who they are?

I have met a lot of vegan people, although I cannot understand why some of them consume seafood. So what is the real definition of a vegan person? According to Global Healing Center,  “Vegans avoid meat, poultry, and seafood, but they also take it a step further by eliminating all animal products from their diet.” Others like vegetarians are “Who excludes meat, poultry, and seafood from their diet. Some vegetarians also exclude dairy, some don’t, and some may consume eggs”. So who are the rest of the people who claim to be vegan? Fake vegans are people who are cheaters. Fake vegans say that they are vegan but they eat meat ”once in awhile”. Others fake vegans claim that they don’t eat meat but they eat sea food. In order to become vegan you have to realize that you are changing your lifestyle.


Their menu

Apart from vegetables, vegans love to eat tofu, which is a protein source made out of soy. Also, veggie people like beans a lot because it has protein and fiber, what a wonderful combination! We can’t forget about pasta, well it’s not healthy but is delicious. A lot of vegans like to consume non dairy products made out of plants. The truth is that to become vegan you have to have creativity in order to not be tempted by meat, dairies, or to not get bored.


What opponents think?

According to an article from The Weston A. Price Foundation, it takes less water to feed a cow than to produce a pound of wheat. Another fact that this article mentions is that, the mortality of vegans, vegetarian and non vegetarian people it is almost at the same level. It is important to remember that the majority of vegans do not consume alcohol or they don’t smoke which makes them  less at risk of many diseases. Vegan people claim that when you become vegan you waste less money in groceries. However, this article points out that vegan food is more expensive because non dairy products are actually more expensive than dairy products.

Some people claim that becoming vegan will help you to lose weight.  But the truth is that if you don’t follow a low calories diet you will gain weight even if you are not consuming meat. For example, what happens if you are a pasta lover? Do you know how many calories a plate of spaghetti with tomatoes sauce has? Around 500 calories, so you will be consuming carbohydrates and calories that eventually will make you gain weight.

I know that a lot people feel in desperate need of losing weight or just eat healthier. But I don’t think that quitting your favorite meal will make you a healthier person. I believe that we just have to find a balance between the food that we like and  good exercise routines.


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